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Transforming Campus Climates

A full or half-day workshop that offers concrete research findings that highlight the relevance, manifestation, and effects of systemic racism, race-based trauma on student, staff, and faculty in the learning community. Facilitates discussion and offer the opportunity for expression of individual experiences and observations of racism/discrimination and race-based stress/trauma via small and large group exercises.

When Being Black Feels Blue

A half-day workshop that illuminates how race-based stress impacts dating violence, depression, and health outcomes in communities of color. Using evidence-based research, Dr. Kiera emphasizes how mitigating the effects of race-based stress can improve psychological well-being, health status, and conflict resolution in interpersonal relationships.

Allyship 101

Dr. Kiera customizes a full-day workshop to teach you how to actively engage in antiracist efforts, model and promote allyship in academic and non-academic spaces, and self-reflect on how one can better advocate for equity among marginalized communities.


Custom Workshops are designed based on the organization's needs, desires, and/or mission to provide skills to their staff. Training includes a 90-minute session with directed objectives and a recommended plan for deliverables. Selected training include:

  • Diversity and inclusion in Academia: Beyond Black and White

  • Assessing risk and vulnerability in higher education among students of color

  • Becoming an ally

  • Race-based stress on college campuses

  • Importance of me: rest as resistance for young Black girls

  • My body, my rules: sexual health and agency in the millennium

Past Clients and Partners:

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