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Be Her Peace

Dr. Kiera cultivated Be Her P.E.A.C.E.™ with the psychological well-being and health of Black women and girls in mind. I can provide your organization with the support and tools to Protect. Encourage. Advocate. Center. Educate. Black women and girls to result in improved developmental and health outcomes. 

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Awareness

Dr. Kiera has been invited to provide insight via keynote engagements on lessons learned in her work on teen dating violence, intimate partner violence and its association with racial trauma, and the historical influence of religiosity and systemic racism on gender-based violence.

Customized Keynotes

Dr. Kiera is able to provide a customized keynote address in the following areas of expertise:

  • Intersectionality (race, gender, sexuality) and emerging adulthood

  • Health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities in the US South

  • HIV, structural racism and rural communities

  • Religiosity, sexual health, and adolescent sexual risk

  • Gender-based violence, religiosity and mental health

  • African-American families, resilience and resistance 

  • Dating violence in adolescence

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