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"How" We Can Support Black Women and Girls

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Protect. Encourage. Advocate. Center. Educate.

PROTECTION. The key to facilitating healthy growth and development in Black girls is protection. Black girls are at greater risk of experiencing gendered racism, intimate partner violence and sexual assault before the age of 18.

ENCOURAGEMENT. Cultivating positive self-esteem and confidence yields better mental health outcomes, academic success, body positivity, and healthier relationships for Black girls and women.

ADVOCACY. Speaking up for Black girls is necessary. Black women and girls have led the fight for education rights, social justice and gender equality with minimal recognition and reciprocity. We must change this.

CENTERING. Listening to and respecting the lived experiences of Black girls honors their individuality while acknowledging their collective resilience.

EDUCATION. Informing Black girls of their power and agency to choose their path to financial freedom, higher education, entrepreneurship, and success is important for their capacity to thrive.

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