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The "K" Word

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

In recent years, I have found myself having reflective and introspective conversations with myself.

Many of which have challenged the values and beliefs that were part of my youth and, in some ways, my identify formation. It disheartens me to think that my parents and their parents are probably heartbroken that their children and grandchildren are still dealing with the bigotry and hatred that they most likely felt like and hoped were things of the past. In this digital space, you will be able to peer into my childhood, my relationships with elders in my village, my insecurities and position about our current socio-cultural and political climate. Hopefully, you will also gain a sense of one Black girl’s coming of age experience, which required deconstructing some of the harmful programming that was internalized over a lifetime. I started this journey because I felt in my heart that little girls and women who look like me are told from an early age how they should behave, speak and look to be liked, to be chosen, to be loved. This indoctrination comes from everywhere…American society, media, men, pulpits, and ourselves. Despite these messages, Black women and girls are resilient, loving, compassionate and powerful. This blog is a love letter to all of us.

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